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About JKC Murano

Discover Unique Murano Glass Jewelry at JKC Murano

My name is Jeanette Carey, and I am the sole designer and creator of all the jewelry at JKC Murano, based in the United States. My aim is to offer you exquisite, handmade pieces of authentic Murano glass jewelry that will last for years to come. What sets JKC Murano apart? I use only the finest materials and take my time to create each piece, ensuring that you receive the highest quality products. Need a custom-made piece to match your necklace or earrings? I offer tailor-made jewelry services and will collaborate with you to create a stunning piece of jewelry.

I first fell in love with Murano glass jewelry when my mother brought back some pieces from her trip to Italy. She asked me to create jewelry for her business, and I've been designing and making jewelry ever since. I've been selling Murano glass jewelry on Etsy since 2011. All of my beads are handmade in Italy and come with a letter of authenticity. Every bead is unique and beautiful because each one is created over an open flame. Visit my Etsy website at JKCMurano.Etsy.Com to see our collection. Don't forget to check out my other Etsy shop, JKC Pottery, which features handmade ceramic buttons, jewelry, and knitted accessories.