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About JKC Murano

My name is Jeanette Carey and my shop is located in the United States. I design and create all the jewelry in this shop.  My goal is to offer unique, handmade pieces of authentic Murano glass jewelry which will last for many years to come.  

What makes JKC Murano different?  I use only quality materials and take the time to make each piece so you know you are only getting the best.  Need an item to match a necklace or a pair of earrings?  I also offer custom made jewelry and will work with you to create a spectacular piece of jewelry.

I first started making Murano glass jewelry when my mom came home after visiting Italy.  She asked if I could make her jewelry for her business.  I've been designing and creating jewelry ever since that time and have sold Murano glass jewelry on Etsy since 2011.

All of my beads are handmade in Italy and come with a letter of authenticity.  Because each bead is created over an open flame, no to are alike but are unique and beautiful.  

My Etsy website:  JKCMurano.Etsy.Com

Check out my other Etsy shop, JKC Pottery featuring handmade ceramic buttons, jewelry and also knitted accessories.